Designed and built by Recording Architecture, an excellent accoustic environment as well as a comfortable space providing a relaxed and creative work environment. With natural daylight and full climate control. All rooms linked via CCTV.


// Desk:
DigiCo SD9 fully digital will external AD rack. Protools HD MADI interface.
// Recording:
Pro Tools HD 12 - 192 ACCEL 2
(including massive plugin/effects library)

Logic Pro X(massive plugin/effects library)
Tascam DA 40
Sony + Panasonic DAT
Mac Pro Intel Dual Core 3Ghz 12 core
(plus dual 24" LCD Monitors)
Sony Mini Disc, Tascam CDR
// Mastering:
Dbx Quantumn, ProTools
// Monitoring:
Genelec, Neuman KH 5.1 Surround
// Outboard:
Dbx, TL Audio, Drawmer, Tube Tech, Focusrite, Mutator, Aphex
// Effects:
Waves, TC, Yamaha, Lexicon
// Microphones:
Nuemann U87(5), DPA(5), Neumann Digital System, Shure, Senheiser, Audix, Audio Technica (we have a massive mic collection)
// MIDI:
Roland, Nord, Korg, EMU, Moog
// Piano:
Yamaha C6 Grand
// Foldback:
Loud Systems (8way digital personal mixers)
Studio Shots Studio Shots Studio Shots Studio Shots Studio Shots Studio Shots Studio Shots

Koolworld Studios
The Hat Factory
65 - 67 Bute Street
Luton LU1 2EY